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Adrenaline at Córdoba Hills, ARGENTINA

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At a short drive from Córdoba city, nature merges with adventure on country roads, at hill peaks, in the deepness of the water and the highness of the skies.

Towards the west of the provincial capital, we find the most important tourist areas, delimited by the Small Hills (=Sierras Chicas); Big Hills (=Sierras Grandes) and Western Hills (=Sierras Occidentales) which turn into actual stages for activities full of adrenaline and adventure. There are proposals for everyone: for those interested in enjoying the mountains, the water or the sky. The Road to the High Mountains goes from Córdoba city to Traslasierra Valley where the benevolent weather and sun accompany the course of rivers and streams. The Big Hills are quite close, with the highest altitudes in the province: Champaquí Mount with 9,154 f.a.s.l. and Los Gigantes range, challenging trained climbers –those willing to improve themselves- to face their implacable stones and rocks. Both sites have mountain shelters and it is also possible to contact specialized guides to hire their services.

These emblematic mounts can also be crossed with 4×4 vehicles, on horseback or with mountain bike. Again, guides or locals are available to the experience less demanding but more enjoyable. Horses lead these adventures, cross rivers and reach the most hidden places in the province. At Quebrada del Condorito National Park it is possible to practice trekking at pathways especially designed for such purpose. At the Punilla Valley, the beauty of the Uritorco mount, at 6,398 f.a.s.l., dresses in gold at sunset.

Trekkers that search spiritual roads shall find here much more than just adventure. This mount is located at a spot that was identified as “energetic” and it is visited by those looking for an ideal place to meditate and connect themselves with their essence.

Under the water, diving is also an important adventure in Córdoba, in the depths of the following laggons and dams: Laguna Azul, Cerro Pelado, Embalse, Piedras Moras and Segunda Usina. Neither of these cities is farther than 93 miles from the capital city where diving tours are organized, with the necessary equipments and trained guides. In the city of Villa Carlos Paz, on the shores of San Roque Dam, as at many other lakes in the province, it is possible to practice different sport activities.

Córdoba’s altitudes are the perfect shelter for condors that indicate the way for those choosing air sports. Cuchi Corral, at the Punilla Valley, at only 57 miles from the provincial capita, marks the commencement of the air paths crossing the skies. That is the take-off point for brave paragliding fans, contemplating from the air one of the most marvelous views of the Río Pinto Valley. At the Big Hills, thermal currents are perfect for the practice of this sport. There are different kind of tours with 4×4 vehicles, following roads full of adventure. Many recommended circuits for this activity are at the Sierras de los Comechingones (at Cerro Aspero) and in the immense extension of the Salinas Grandes (=great salt fields), a white desert in the Northwest of the province. In Córdoba, visitors can find adventure at any of the most picturesque tourist towns, with an excellent offer of accommodation and specialized tourist services, that shall make their stay completely comfortable.

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