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Ecuador has a great natural beauty, admirable throughout its territory. This feature allows several activities to be developed in it. Especially those that allow overnight, such as camping. This practice is the one favored by lovers of freedom and by those who seek to relax outside the city.

In Ecuador you will find some places to camp such as the impressive mountains of the Andes, the captivating Pacific Coast and a variety of areas for fans of adventures.

Quilotoa Lagoon.- Located in the province of Cotopaxi and occupying the interior of a volcano crater, is the Quilotoa Lagoon. This natural attraction is characteristic for enjoying turquoise waters that merge with the landscape, simulating a fantasy environment. It is one of the perfect places to camp on the shore; light a fire and admire more of the sunset, the snowy ones like the Cotopaxi and the Illinizas.

Ayampe.- Located in the province of Manabí, a small paradise that intertwines the jungle with the sea, it is presented and at the same time it hides from the world … it is Ayampe, a reserved and ideal place to find peace and relaxation. Camping near the sea, sleeping listening to the waves and waking up with the sunlight, are some of the experiences that will make you fall in love with the ecosystem that surrounds this wonderful beach.

Yasuní National Park.- The Yasuní National Park, located in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon and surrounded by a million hectares of tropical forest, besides containing an infinite variety of fauna, allows camping surrounded by a unique landscape, next to the Lagoon of Jatuncocha.

Mangahurco.- Mangahurco, parish of the Zapotillo border canton in the province of Loja, is dressed in yellow the first months of each year; this, due to the flowering of the guayacanes. Its striking color invites locals and foreigners to spend the night camping, listening to the song of the birds and the serenity of the dry forest.

El Altar Volcano.- The Altar Volcano is part of Sangay National Park and is one of the most beautiful mountains in Ecuador. Feeling embraced by the alley of mountains that surrounds its lagoons, spend the night and admire the stars while you make a bonfire, are some of the experiences you can experience when visiting the Altar Volcano. Simply, a place of fantasy.

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