Votre guide de vacances gratuit pour l'Amérique latine et l'Espagne

Find yourself while traveling through Mexico

To find yourself sometimes you have to get lost and nothing better than getting lost in this country.

Without a doubt, Mexico is a colorful country full of incredible places to visit, giving us unforgettable family trips, beautiful couple’s getaways, and even trips with friends that give us wonderful memories.

Don’t forget that traveling is sometimes a way of finding ourselves, and doing it alone will be a memorable trip that will make us grow and in many cases even help solve mires that we may have in our heads.

So let’s start this tour of the most iconic sites and some very useful tips for traveling alone in Mexico.

Before traveling alone it is normal to have many doubts; especially as to whether it would be safe and if you would feel comfortable in the places you visit, but although you have to take certain precautions, with that and by organizing yourself, you will surely have incredible moments.

Mexico is a fascinating destination to travel alone because it is well connected it has a variety of exceptional landscapes, the food is exquisite and many people will always be willing to help you if you need it.


Let’s start with a trip to Guadalajara, the second-largest city in the country, it is a perfect combination of history and modernity to discover on your own, it is characterized by being the land of mariachi and tequila, symbols of Mexican culture before the world.

A place where you can enjoy its gastronomy: “tortas ahogadas”, meat in its juice and “jericallas”, they are part of the menu of many of its restaurants.

You can even experience the sensation of getting lost among the blue agave fields, discover the origin of tequila, explore its factories, and admire its agave landscapes that are a natural heritage of humanity appointed by UNESCO.

Remember that it is advisable to make an itinerary of the sites you want to visit, being on your own means that you will not have to agree with someone else on which points to visit and which not or on the time that you will spend in each of them.

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We continue this experience now with Mazatlán, the Pearl of the Pacific, it is one of the main sun and beach destinations of the Mexican Pacific, you can visit and tour along its boardwalk, whether by bike, “pulmonías” (peculiar carts that are traditional city transports) or walking, it is beautiful at any time of the day.

Its gastronomy is the result of a combination of the pre-Hispanic history of the state and the colony, its most typical dishes and delicacies stand out, do not forget to also enjoy its delicious ceviches and “aguachiles” made with fresh seafood, they are very representative of the city.

Give yourself the opportunity to meet new people, because traveling alone gives you the perfect opportunity to enlarge your list of friends, on trips you may find dear friends for life, ask the locals what to do, where to go and which are the best places to eat, do not close yourself to the opportunity to make new friends.


Continuing with the destinations by the sea, travel to a Caribbean paradise, Holbox, this is an oasis in Quintana Roo, far from the big resorts of Cancúnand the Riviera Maya.

If you travel alone and want to disconnect from the world, Holboxis your ideal destination, its calm emerald green sea, its streets, free of cars, and with its eco-chic hotels, it is the excuse you need to venture to this small island.

You can enjoy the typical food of Holbox, which is lobster pizza, a dish that was born on this island.

Besides its local gastronomy, its beautiful landscapes and picturesque streets, this island is the ideal place where at various times of the year you can see the phenomenon of bioluminescence on the beaches of Holbox.

Beyond the town, the rest of the island is unspoiled, full with mangroves that provide food and home to dozens of species of migratory and resident birds, as well as fish, crustaceans and reptiles such as turtles and crocodiles.

Do not fear the unknown, this solo tour is for your growth, getting away from the metropolises and crowds can be scary but sometimes it is something you probably needed and did not know.

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San Miguel de Allende

Guanajuato, it may be an obvious alternative, but it is worth it, San Miguel de Allende is a magical town full of American people who found in this city a quiet and beautiful place to live in.

Getting lost in the streets of a city when you are visiting can be quite an experience to get to know its life and local culture first-hand.

And that is precisely what the magical San Miguel de Allende invites you to do, the city is known for its great cultural and gastronomic atmosphere, as well as being ideal for walking, buying handicrafts and eating all day.

Do not forget that in addition to the architectural richness of its churchesSan Miguel de Allende has multiple squares and gardens where residents and visitors gather, on them, the recognized “alborada” of the city’s patron saint is celebrated and where a large part of local social life is found.

While it is true that traveling alone is not easy, it will be a process that will leave you full of teachings, this type of experience will put you to the test, focus your energy on enjoying everything that happens on the trip.


Mérida, the largest city in the Mexican southeast, besides being the capital city of Yucatan, is the best starting point to get to know the Mayan archaeological sites, cenotes, beaches and all the tourist attractions of the state.

In addition to being considered one of the safest places to live in Mexico, it is one of the most attractive cities in the country.

Traveling alone to “La Blanca Mérida” is to walk through the historic center and discover the hospitality that distinguishes its people, there are also hundreds of museums and nearby beaches. If you want to relax more, there are also cenotes that are worth visiting.

Every day there are cultural activities and the traditional food is unmatched, do not miss the opportunity to try its delicious cuisine, such as “cochinita pibil”, “salbutes” and “panuchos”.

Enjoy and forget about social networks. Although it is very common that when we travel we document everything in photos or videos to share on social networks, try to do it as little as possible.

This trip that you make can even be the starting point for a new you, enjoy the places, the people and the moments of solitude because traveling alone gives you experiences and learnings that you will not find in any other situation.

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