Votre guide de vacances gratuit pour l'Amérique latine et l'Espagne


Courtesy off  honduras.travel

Honduras has about 91 Protected Areas that correspond to 27% of the national territory. It has great diversity of flora, with more than 64 plant ecosystem varieties, and of fauna, among which the Guacamaya or Guara Roja, the National Bird of the country, stands out.

LANCETILLA BOTANICAL GARDEN, TELA, ATLÁNTIDA , is the second largest tropical garden in the world. It has the largest collection of exotic plants in Latin America, with native species from Oceania, Africa and Asia, and serves as a home or refuge for more than 300 species of birds. The banana company created it in 1925 in the Lancetilla Valley as a research center where experiments with tropical plants with economic potential are also carried out. It is just minutes away from the center of Tela and the natural ogives in which the bamboo is folded at its entrance, the “Bamboo Tunnel”, have already become an icon of the garden and the city.

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