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Salamanca , the city of the two cathedrals

If you want to get to know one of the most beautiful World Heritage Cities in Spain, why not arrange a day out in Salamanca? You’ll love strolling around the cobbled streets of the historic quarter and visiting the university and the city’s two cathedrals with their characteristic golden stone. What’s more, you’ll find that many of its buildings guard a multitude of secrets. Would you like to know where they are?

This is the moment to see the New Cathedral from close-up. As we approach the building, we’re sure to find a group of people trying to pick out the different details in this Gothic construction. The best idea is to join in the search, as the lower part of the Cathedral door conceals carved figures such as an astronaut, a monkey eating an ice cream and a stork. Incredible but true! Not many cities have two cathedrals: Salamanca does.They’re interconnected, and the Old Cathedral is accessed from inside the New Cathedral. Although the Old Cathedral is not as imposing, the medieval atmosphere and tranquillity of this Romanesque temple captivates everyone who steps inside. These walls have witnessed banquets, examinations (students who passed their exams were awarded their degree in the cloister of the Cathedral itself), religious councils, Inquisition courts…

Although we’ve seen some fairly impressive sights, the best is yet to come: from the ground floor of the Old Cathedral, you can visit the permanent exhibition called ‘Ieronimus’, with an unusual tour that includes access to the highest part of both cathedrals. We can get a close-up view of –and almost touch– the towers, which are 110 metres high, including the most typical towers such as the Gallo (cockerel) (so-called due to its cockerel-shaped weathervane) and the Campanas. We then move onto a terrace, which offers outstanding views over the city. Simply fantastic.

Let’s go out for tapas

After this highly cultural morning, lunch is the perfect time to savour the famous culinary attractions of Salamanca. And the best way to do this is by going out for tapas: hopping from bar to bar trying small portions of the local specialities. The area around the Plaza Mayor is the ideal place to sample a wide range of hearty sausages and cured meats, for example. If you’d rather eat in a restaurant, you can always order the delicious roast suckling pig. Another busy area which is much frequented and offers a wide range of options (now in the new part of the city) is the Calle Van Dyck.

Source https://www.spain.info/

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