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Tour across the city of Salta

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Courtesy of  www.argentina.travel

Salta is known as “the beautiful one”. When you visit it you may see that this is true because of its architecture and colonial style manor houses. To get acquainted with it, there are several tours which take you to outstanding places. Walking along the streets is simply another option as you let yourself get carried away by the beauty of this city which vibrates to the rhythm of the north of Argentina.

In the heart of town, the 9 de Julio square is the starting point of every tour. Here and in the surrounding areas are the main historic buildings for you to visit: the stunning Cathedral (which is the resting place of Martín Miguel de Güemes, greatest figure and local hero of the Independence war), the San Francisco Church, the San Bernardo Convent and the Northern History Museum, all of them with the finest architectural details.

On Balcarce street, you may see bars and small cafes with tables on the sidewalk where you can treat yourself to something special and enjoy the breathtaking view of the city. By night, with a starry sky, you can join the “peñas” (famous folkloric festivities) with live music, and become one more note in the chords of a guitar. In addition, this is the place to know first-hand all the typical dishes of the region. Try its famous “empanadas” and, if you do so, there is a little piece of Salta to take home with yourself.

Before you leave, take a trip in a cable car up to the Cerro San Bernardo (San Bernardo Hill), with one of the best panoramic views of the capital city. Explore by day or by night, when the horizon is filled with lights. Certainly, on top of the hill and with that view, they say that you can fall in love with this city for life!


Salta is one of the most visited provincial capital cities and tourist sites in the north. You will find excellent services and hotels in addition to high-quality tours to continue your journey. 

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