Votre guide de vacances gratuit pour l'Amérique latine et l'Espagne


courtesy of visitpanama.com

Visit “The Pearl between two Oceans” and get ready to conquer the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Let yourself be carried away by its majestic mountains, its biodiversity, its imposing waterfalls and beautiful beaches with perfect waves to venture into them with your surfboard. Veraguas’ gastronomy and the warmth of its people will become the perfect complement to your great adventure.

Enjoy “La Perla”! An adventure, one day at a time.

Where to go?

Coiba National Park

Think about the number and the size of the fish you have seen and duplicate it, this will give you an idea of the promise that will give you to dive in Coiba!

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to dive and swim with ‘The Big Ones’ of the sea. In an hour by boat from the Pacific coast of Veraguas (Santa Catalina), you will visit one of the largest marine parks in the world, its exuberant biodiversity and its great variety of species that led it to become a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe sits in the highlands of Veraguas, an ecological paradise, home
to a wide variety of animals and plants including orchids. Our rainforest
is ideal for backcountry hiking and birdwatching. This beautiful place has
over 50 waterfalls to explore, swim, and reconnect with nature

If you like extreme sports, in Santa Fe you can do activities such as rappelling, mountain biking, among others.

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